7 Steps to Building a Mobile App for Your Online Business

You probably have your very own smartphone filled with downloaded apps. So why is it that you haven’t tapped yet to the mobile platform to promote your online biz?

These days, almost everyone in the world are carrying around their mobile devices and accessing various apps many times every single day. Imagine how much exposure you could have if your app was being used by each and every one of your…

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The Rise and Fall of WWWW: A Lesson In Stupidity

I normally would not comment about something like this, but I’m so fascinated by the drop of Web.com’s stock today, I felt I had to at least tell my friends who are watching the stock how stupid today’s drop in price is: The Rise and Fall of WWWW: A Lesson In Stupidity

I want to first say, in FULL DISCLOSURE that I sold the company I co-owned (Solid Cactus) to Web.com Group in 2009, and I no longer hold any position in Web.com, nor do I really care about the stock price – but I still follow Web.com because a good part of my past life still lives within the Web.com organization – including a lot of wonderful memories and a bunch of awesome people.  I am writing…

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Comcast and Verizon Must Be Stopped!

Comcast and Verizon Must Be Stopped!

Net neutrality is one of the fundamental principles of the Internet. In a nutshell, it says that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot give preferential treatment to their largest customers in terms of network transmission speed. (Bigger bandwidth users still have to pay for the volume of bandwidth consumed.)

An Internet with net…

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Growing Your Business - How to Get Over the Hump

My business partner Scott and I started our first business in 1994.  We were still in college and we wanted to do something “part time” that we enjoyed.  We knew by the end of our first year in business that this was more than we could handle.  We either had to give up the business, or grab the bull by the horns and really grow our new company.

We learned a lot over the time we ran our companies,…

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Aeolian Wind Harps: The Importance of Sound in the Garden

Aeolian Wind Harps: The Importance of Sound in the Garden

Wind HarpAlthough it is one of the most important elements, sound is often overlooked when designing a garden space. Humans are naturally attuned to the sounds around them in nature, such as when taking a walk through a forest or sitting on a secluded beach. It should be the same way when you are in your own personal backyard garden. To tune yourself in to the sounds of serenity and nature surrounding…

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How to Use a Bead Loom

How to Use a Bead Loom

beads-1030297-mLoom beading is a fun hobby with a long and fascinating history. Samples of clothing woven with beads that are more than 2,000 years old have been discovered at archaeological sites, and the technique for weaving on a bead loom has not changed much in the past two millennia. Learning to use a bead loom is easy, and a lot of fun. With a little practice, you can learn to make beautiful beading…

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Protecting Your Pets the Right Way

Protecting Your Pets the Right Way

DogWhen you have pets, you want to provide the very best lifestyle for them, and anyone who knows anything about any type of animal knows that, after food and water, the very most important built-in need they have is for freedom.  For the distant wildlife cousins of our domesticated furry friends, they are free to enjoy their freedom in the wild.  OK, well yes, their freedom is restricted and…

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The Mini Fridge

Mini FridgeWhether it’s you or someone you’re close to, there’s a die-hard Pepsi fan in your life, and you probably already thought of someone with the simple mention of it.  In the past, you may have jokingly given them little Pepsi trinkets to testify to the fact that you have noticed their strong affinity for Pepsi, but when you are ready to get serious about the giving, it’s time to think about…

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Tips on Throwing an English-Inspired Afternoon Tea Party

Tips on Throwing an English-Inspired Afternoon Tea Party

Tea PartyEven when you’re not in the United Kingdom, you can still do it like the English does by throwing your very own afternoon tea party. And contrary to what some believe, tea parties are quite affordable and don’t require that much effort compared to more grandiose parties. All you really need to know are the key essentials, and you’re all set for a fancy teatime with your friends.

The Basics


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On Wearing Bowties

steven-land-navy-polkadot-gift-set-g41sl_thumbnailWhile many people associate bowties with formal wear, the origin of the bowtie was anything but.  The Croatian horsemen of the 17th century who were fighting the Thirty Years’ War wore small scarves, which were strung through the holes in their shirts and knotted at the neck.  The purpose of this was to keep their shirts closed, however it additionally served to distinguish the Croatian…

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